Get reliable and affordable remanufactured Mack® parts with REMACK®. Every component is remanufactured to exact Mack OEM/Reman specs. The result? Better performance, increased reliability and longer life.

Why Mack?

  • Before a part is remanufactured, it undergoes a stringent quality control process.
  • Trained technicians work closely with Mack engineers and vendors to ensure that all of our remanufactured parts meet the strictest tolerances.
  • Our quality system is registered to ISO 9001-2000. This adherence to a recognized international quality management system provides one of the strongest assurances of product quality available.
  • Strong warranty. Our warranty covers 100 percent parts and contingent damage, as well as 100 percent labor if the part is installed by an authorized Mack dealer.


Mack remanufactured parts offerings:

Basic Engine – Remanufactured Engines
Long Block
Offering E6, E7, E-TECH® and ASET™ models. Basic engines feature remanufactured cylinder block, heads, crankshaft, connecting rods and oil pump. New piston rings, liners, bearings, bushings, gaskets and seals. Push rods, rocker assemblies and cylinder head covers are included. Click below to find out more.

Basic Engine

Basic Engine – Remanufactured Engines
Short Block

Offering E7, E-TECH, and ASET short blocks. Features include reman cylinder block, crankshaft, and connecting rods. New piston rings, liners, bearings, front and rear seals.

Differential – Carrier
New bearings, cups and seals installed. Power divider and lockout assemblies are remanufactured if needed. Worn gears are replaced.

Replacement Carrier Sheet

Connecting Rods
Magnaglo-inspected. Precision machining removes any bends or twists and ensures a proper surface finish. Crank bores are brought back to original size. Wrist pin bushings are installed and machined to size.

Cylinder Heads
Castings are Magnaflux-inspected and pressure-tested. Computer-controlled machining ensures OEM/reman specs. All valves and valve seats are inspected, machined and tested to ensure a proper seal. New valve guides and rotors are installed.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Kits – Muzzle Loader
All REMACK® remanufactured Muzzle Loaders™ come ready to install into cylinder bores. Assembled units come complete with reman connecting rods, piston crowns, snap rings and wrist pins. New components included are piston rings, piston skirt and cylinder liner.

Engine Control Module
Each V-MAC® is completely tested at room temperature and then heat-soaked and retested at simulated operating temperature to ensure that all system features meet OE parameters.

Fuel Injectors
Nozzle and holder assemblies are fully cleaned, inspected, calibrated and tested to ensure proper operation. New nozzle tips, felt dust cover gaskets, copper compression gaskets and nozzle return line washers are also provided.

Fuel Supply Pumps
Pumps feature new check valve and check valve spring. New mounting gaskets and copper compression washers are also included. Fuel supply pumps are tested for suction, proper pressure and sealing capacity.

Oil Pumps
Mack pressure relief plungers are inspected and replaced if needed. Cover plates are resurfaced to maintain flatness and surface finish. Oil pumps are tested to ensure proper pressure and flow.

Rocker Arms
Completed assemblies are tested for oil flow and operation. Slipper faces are 100 percent machined. Rocker arms are updated to include the oil hole for better lubrication.

With over 25 different models and five to 18 speeds, REMACK has a Maxitorque® T200 or T300 Transmission available to meet your application. Transmissions include new bearings, seals and gaskets. Worn gears are immediately replaced. Synchronized transmissions use the latest synchronizer assembly and front shift covers. All transmissions are dyno-tested and load-tested to meet the strictest tolerances and most intense quality control processes. REMACK transmissions come complete with clutch fork assembly, top covers and specific engineering updates.

Transmission Shift Covers
All covers are cleaned and inspected. Bores are machined as required. Shift rails are gauged for size and straightness. All "range valve"-type top covers are built with the latest style—non-adjustable pin height design. Available for T200 and T300 models.

Water Pumps
Pumps come complete with hub, pulley or new pulley-less assemblies. A unitized-type seal and stainless steel impellers are installed for increased water flow. Completed pumps are vacuum-tested.

REMACK Parts Warranties
Engines: Two years, unlimited miles
Carriers: Two years, unlimited miles*
Rebuilder Series Carriers: One year, unlimited miles
T200 Transmissions: Two years, unlimited miles
T300 Transmissions: Two years, unlimited miles
All injection pumps: One year, unlimited miles
REMACK E-7 Muzzle Loader™: Two years, unlimited miles
E-TECH® Nozzle and Holder Assemblies: Two years, 200,000 miles
All other  REMACK  components: One year, unlimited miles 

*Carrier CRDP95/96: Six months, 50,000 miles