Available on Pinnacle™ models, Aero is the pinnacle of fuel savings and efficiency. Choose one of the packages below, or get the complete fairing package for maximum fuel savings of up to nine percent.

Bumper Package:
Mack® bumpers have an aerodynamic design that allows air to move smoothly around and under the front of the truck.

Chassis Fairing Package:
Mack chassis fairings streamline your cab to reduce airflow.

Roof Fairing Package:
Mack roof fairings reduce drag on the cab by smoothly transferring air from the truck to the trailer.

Complete Fairing Package:
Install all three Mack Aero packages to realize the greatest fuel economy for your Mack Truck.

Non-Mack parts may fit, but they’re not engineered to work as precisely or last as long as Mack Parts.

Mack Aero Benefits

Here are just some of the ways Mack Aero Offerings outperform the competition.

Mack Fairings

  • Designed specifically for Mack Pinnacle models
  • Lightweight
  • Less complex design
  • Manufactured with impact-resistant DCPD resin
  • Industry-leading nationwide warranty


  • Delivers consistent fit and finish
  • Reduces overall load on the truck, improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency
  • Easy to install and remove, saving you time and money
  • Stands up to the toughest operating conditions for long life and unparalleled durability
  • Easy, no-hassle warranty
Additional Aero accessories are also available to further improve your aerodynamics: 

  • Trailer skirts can reduce fuel consumption up to six percent*
  • Aerodynamic mud flaps can reduce fuel consumption up to one percent*
  • Low-rolling-resistance tires can reduce fuel consumption up to three percent
  • Aerodynamic mirrors – Mack aerodynamic exterior mirrors offer a wide field of view for safety, yet their design minimizes drag for better fuel economy

*Fuel economy example based on an industry standard fuel mileage of 6.5 MPG. 

Figures are estimates in fuel efficiency improvements. Actual results may vary depending on specific aerodynamic additions, driving conditions, driver performance and other factors. Results are not guaranteed.