When your technicians are trained for precision, you’ll reduce internal service costs while improving shop workflow. Vehicle performance and uptime will increase, as will customer satisfaction. Your staff will be better able to judge whether to keep service in-house or send it to your authorized Mack® Trucks dealer.
With a well-trained team of technicians, you can be confident they’re doing all they can to build your bottom line. Check out Mack Trucks Academy’s comprehensive online and instructor-led course offering below, exclusively available to all Mack customers.

Professional training facilities throughout North America

Mack training at all of our classroom locations assures a focused learning experience that’s comprehensive, comfortable and free of distractions. 
Hands-on, advanced instructor-led courses are offered at seven training facilities across North America or on-site at your location.

Mack training center locations

  • Allentown, PA
    2402 Lehigh Parkway South
    Allentown, PA 18103
  • Atlanta, GA
    200 Tradeport Boulevard
    Suite 212
    Atlanta, GA 30354
  • Chicago, IL
    3900 Rock Creek Blvd
    Joliet, IL 60431
  • Dallas, TX
    1360 Post & Paddock Road
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  • Toronto, ON
    6155 Belgrave Road, Unit 2
    Mississauga, ON, L5R 4E6
  • Quebec
    2775 rue de L’Etchemin
    Saint Roulade, QC G6W 7X5

The online training curriculum is the most convenient way to keep your shop current on service and repair. Your technicians can easily access their training curriculum from any computer 24/7 and can complete courses on their own schedule.
Classes start whenever you’re ready

Everything about a Mack truck is exceptional, and expert OEM training will keep it that way. By making training a priority you’ll quickly see increases in uptime, fuel efficiency and driver performance.

We’ll be glad to personally discuss your specific training requests and goals for your technicians and drivers.

For more information please use the Contact Us Form to indicate your interest. We’ll be in touch to explore the curriculum, location and timetable that work best for you.